Private Trip Pannikiang Island – 6 Nations Trip

Holiday is something who always waiting for everyone, but everyone have different kinds of tourism like beach, mountain, island, herritage or historical destination. But, majority of people need a unique tourism there, i mean this island who called PANNIKIANG ISLAND. It happened at the november is coming with Oxfam, Indecon, and Pariwisata Barru.

Pannikiang island

Btw, do you know what the unique of this island? What the different with the other island in Indonesia? Let’s see the article about Private Trip Pannikiang Island with 6 countries.

Something Unique of Pannikiang Island

Generally, the island has a white sand and the blue sea where the tourist always snorkeling, swimming and diving. But Pannikiang Island is different, the main  interest is flora and fauna’s here.

why i can say that?

Yeah, because this island has a huge mangrove forest as long as your eyes can see, and the kind is so many too. You can see half of totally species mangrove in Indonesia here.

Something unique other is the animal here at the noon. Thousands of bat live together here and it change with a lot birds when the night is coming. It’s really really wonderful phenomenon when you can see bat and bird switching home like noon and night changed. 

Pannikiang Island’s Location

Pannikiang Island located in Barru Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. You can go here by car from Makassar City for 2 hours road trip. After that you’ll go to Garongkong Port and continue your journey by boat for 30 minutes only with slow wind and beautiful blue sea as long as your trip.

When you see the green something at the west, yeah that’s the island. Welcome to Pannikiang island and enjoy your trip.

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